Exercise Apparatus with Variable Mode Hydraulic Cylinder

Patent No. 7,762,934

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Remote Docking Port

Patent No. 8,858,149

Geothermal Heat Transfer

Patent No. 8,418,465

Revolved Arc Profile Axisymmetric Explosively Formed Projectile Shaped Charge

*Partially Owned with Innovative Defense

Patent No. 9,175,940

Swept Conical-Like Profile Axisymmetric Circular Linear Shaped Charge

*Partially Owned with Innovative Defense

Patent No. 9,175,936

Solar Energy Storage System

Patent No. 7,614,397

Heat Actuated Cooling System

Patent No. 7,918,095

Belt Drive Propulsion System

Patent No. 7,322,865

Fire Extinguishing Device and Method

Patent No. 7,121,354

Method and Apparatus for Physical Fitness Training

Patent No. 7,648,450

Enhanced Light Weight Armor System with Deflective Operation

Patent No. 7,546,795