is the trademarked full name of FOI Group LLC. FOI owns intellectual property at all stages of the life cycle, with eleven issued patents in six distinct invention areas. We also have a growing number of patents pending and many ideas in various stages of pre patent development that cover a wide range of industries.

No matter how impressive an idea is, it must become a product to achieve real success. While FOI group LLC is making progress towards commercialization, the sheer number of distinct areas of invention make licensing a central business focus. Licensing may be to an existing company or to a new start-up headed by a qualified founder. FOI Group LLC is eager to visit with motivated entrepreneurial leaders looking to make a difference particularly in fire fighting, and defense related fields.

Full of Ideas is a small company with big potential. Our engineers and businessmen have real world experience. Well-conceived and creatively applied ideas can make money for you or save you money. We have an excess of ideas and are creating more every day. Let us put a great idea to work for you!

Since January of 2011 FOI Group LLC has been primarily providing a wide range of consulting services to a partially owned stand alone company, Innovative Defense LLC. These services include design work, CAD work, patent filing and preparation of marketing material and assisting in proof of concept testing.

A-Z Inventions

Armor System with Deflective Operation

Belt Drive Propulsion System

High Energy and Temperature Systems

Jack Hammer

Kinetic Energy Weapons

Liquefied Natural Gas


Overhead Transportation

Pulsed Solid Fuel Propulsion

Quick Response Muscle Trainer

Rocket Propelled Aircraft

Telescopic Catapult

Underground Excavation

Variable Gradient Pavement

eXtra Ideas

More Information Coming Soon...

Young Child Development